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Existing RS232 Cable (G03-0018) 

Uses built in RS232 format from Logic indicator. 
DB25 connector. 
6 foot long cable. 
Data send switch on separate cable attached to DB25 connector. 
Computer interface; send = any keyboard key 
1200 baud speed 
Power to gage or remote clear 
Remote hold or error flag 

New RS232 Cable (G13-0047) 

Uses CDI format from Logic indicator and converts it to RS232 with interface box. 
DB9F connector on interface box. 
6 foot long cable from gage to interface box, with added 6 foot long DB9M to DB9F cable; total length 12 feet. 
Data send switch built into interface box. 
Data send can also be used with a built in footswitch jack on interface box. (contact closure) 
Computer interface; Data send = (R), Clear display = (C), Data hold toggle = (H). 
LED confirmation light for all data send options. 
9600 baud speed 
Power adapter included (when used will supply power to gage) 
Provisions have been made to hard wire separate remote send, clear and hold cables or jacks in the interface box. 
Seperate AC adapter or batteries needed to remote "clear" indicator. 

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