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Our digital and mechanical indicators offer an unequaled combination of excellent standard features, user-settable options, and custom features. We are confident that Chicago Dial Indicator Company can make the indicator you need! CDI has always been a leader in OEM or special application dial indicators. If you have a special application, please contact our sales department for assistance. We have been manufacturing specials for over 90 years and there is a good chance we have already seen your application or experienced something similar. A few examples of special application include:

  • Special Stems
  • Long Stems
  • Threaded Stems
  • Stop Brakes
  • Inverted Spindles
  • Pushdown Indicators
  • 2 Piece Electronic Indicators
  • Special Dials
  • Special LCDs
  • Ratios
  • Presets
  • Private Label
  • Special Electronic Functions
  • No Return Springs
  • Extra Strong Return Springs
  • Special Indicator Accessories
  • Special Spindle or Rack Lengths
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