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The Universal Dial Test Indicators offer flexibility to toolroom and general purpose machining and inspection applications. The compact size and perpendicular design is simple to use and adjustable to any viewing angle. They are supplied with jeweled bearings for extra-smooth action and long-life.

Balanced or Continuous models available. Both models can be furnished with 2 extra contact points, as an indicator only, or as a complete set.


universal dial test indicator



Graduations: .001"
Continuous Dial: 0 - 100
Balanced Dial: 0 - 50 - 0
Range: .200" / .100 per revolution


Graduations: .02mm
Continuous Dial: 0 - 250
Balanced Dial: 0 - 125 - 0
Range: 5mm / 2.5mm per revolution

Click to Download Tracing Template

universal dial test tracing template

Click to download:
STEP - Universal Gages

The 3D model  shown here represents the basic model gage.  Mounting backs, dust caps, rack/stem lengths can be changed but will not be shown.

Download RoHS / CE / REACH / Prop 65 Infopdf

Note: To view all table data, scroll table left and right.

Part No.DescriptionPrice 
60100Bpdf Universal Test Set, Balanced Dial
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60100Cpdf  Universal Test Set, Continuous Dial
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60100B1pdf  Universal Indicator w/2 points, Balanced
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60100C1pdf  Universal Indicator w/2 points, Continuous
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60100B1-1pdf   Universal Indicator Only, Balanced Dial
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60100C1-1 pdf  Universal Indicator Only, Continuous Dial
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60100B1M pdf  Universal Indicator - Metric, Balanced Dial, 2 Contact Points
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60100C1M pdf  Universal Indicator - Metric, Continuous Dial, 2 Contact Points
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Group 2 Universal Test Indicators

Part No.DescriptionPrice 
62100B1-1pdf Universal Indicator, 2 Dial Face Balanced
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62100C1-1  Universal Indicator, 2 Dial Face Continuous
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62100B1M-1pdf  Universal Indicator, Metric, 2 Dial Face Balanced
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62100C1M-1 Universal Indicator, Metric, 2 Dial Face Continuous
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Complete Test Set Consists Of:

universal dial set uniset1a
60100C1-1 (For Continuous Dial)
or 60100B1-1 (For Balanced Dial)
1-CDI Universal Dial Test Indicator.
1-Clamp with 1-1/4" Capacity and 1/4-28 threaded hole for holding rods.
1-Hole Attachment used for checking internal surfaces or those not easily reached by dial spindle. .375" dia. mounting hole, will measure holes 1-11/16" deep.
1-Tool Post Holder 6" long X 3/8" thick X 3/4" high with tapped hole for attaching mounting rods.
1-Swivel with 5/16" x 1/4" holes for holding rods and Dial Indicator mounting rods.
1-Holding Rod .312" x 5" long.
1-Holding Rod .312" x 3" long.
1-Fitted Case for indicator and accessories.
1-Contact Point, 13/32" Tapered
1-Contact Point, 3/8" Button
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