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Designed specifically for hand use, where it’s more convenient to bring gaging to the work. Extremely versatile for measuring a wide range of thicknesses, with the ability to clear flanges, bosses and other obstructions.

This series of thickness gages is available with either direct reading electronic indicators (with or without SPC output) or standard mechanical dial reading indicators.

If our standard line of thickness gages do not meet your needs, CDI is ready to assist you in designing a gage to fit your special applications.

Easy to hold in one hand; To operate, simply press down the thumb-lifting lever. This raises the spindle, permitting easy insertion of work between the anvil and contact point. Releasing the lifting lever causes the spindle to contact the work, resulting in an accurate and repeatable reading.

Note: To view all table data, scroll table left and right.

RangeResolutionAnvilContact PointPrice 
DG10-14pdf Mechanical, Grp 2 6" 1" 0.001" 3/8" Dia. Flat 3/8" Dia. Flat
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DG10-16pdf Mechanical, Grp 2 2" .500" 0.0005" 3/8" Dia. Flat 3/8" Dia. Flat
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