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This versatile indicator is straightforward to use and includes easy-to-use advanced functions such as TIR, Preset, Tolerances, Ratio, and many more. “Made in the USA” with a patented absolute sensor, the VRS features long battery life, never loses position and does not over speed.

VRS Indicator Features

  • Absolute Sensor – Never lose position (even when replacing batteries)
  • Long Battery Life – Approximate Hours: Casual Daily Use +10,000 Hours; Average Daily Use +6,000 Hours; Wireless Communication Use 1,000 Hours
  • No Over-Speed Error – Fast spindle speeds
  • Fixed Scale – More robust, reliable, & compact design than a moving scale
  • 3 Measuring Modes:
    1. INC (Incremental)
    2. PRESET (Change Zero Value)
    3. TIR (Total Indicator Reading) Scroll through TIR, Max, and Min Values
  • Large Display with ½” Tall Numbers
  • Off Button
  • Rotating Bezel 270 degrees
  • TOL (Tolerance) Program HI / LOW Values
  • Red (No G0) & Green (Go) LEDs for TOL (Tolerance) and DATA
  • + / - Travel Direction Changeable
  • Floating Zero
  • Resolution -Changeable
  • Programmable Ratio
  • IN mm Button – Change displayed units
  • Low Battery Warning Icon
  • Programmable Lock
  • Data Send Button
  • Data Cables USB, MTI (Digimatic), RS232
  • 200 Data Measurements Stored in Indicator.
  • Built-In MicroRidge Wireless Long-Range Radio Module (optional). MicroRidge Radio Receiver Sold Separately
  • CALC software (optional) allows for measurement Formula & Lookup Tables to be downloaded into indicator.
  • Dust Cap and Flat Black
  • Made In USA

Note: To view all table data, scroll table left and right.


(operator changeable)
.500" .000020"/.0005mm +/- .000070" VRS7600
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Note: To view all table data, scroll table left and right.

Wireless Long Range Radio Module (optional)

Model includes built-in MicroRidge Long Range Radio. PC USB Base Sold Separately.

Wireless firmware and setup programs:
Product updates program:
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(operator changeable)
.500" .000020"/.0005mm +/- .000070" VRS7600-R
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