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The backlight (Illuminated LCD) allows for an extremely easy to read display from close-up to far away. The 3-color display (GREEN, YELLOW, and RED) is excellent for GO / NOGO readings, and features a dual display with numeric and analog view on the display. LCD can be programmed to view both numeric and analog at the same time, numeric only, or analog only. The Logic Illuminate is loaded with basic and advanced features that are easy to operate. CDI includes quick sheet instruction, full instructions, and video instructions.

cdi logic illuminate video View Logic Illuminate Product Video

Logic Illuminate Features

  • Incremental Measuring Mode
  • Up to 4 User Changeable Resolutions
  • SPC Cables USB, MTI (Digimatic), RS232
  • Inch/Metric Display
  • Measuring System in English or Metric
  • Analog Visual Display
  • Travel Reverse
  • Maximum Reading Hold
  • Display / Freeze Hold
  • Floating Zero
  • Minimum Reading Hold
  • Very Large LCD Display
  • Absolute/Preset Measuring Mode
  • T.I.R. with Low & High Storage Recall
  • Lock Combination
  • Tolerance Settings (high/low)
  • Red Backlight for Out of Tolerance
  • Green Backlight (Standard and In Tolerance)
  • Yellow Tolerance Warning Backlight
  • Backlight Brightness is User Adjustable
  • USB / AC Power Cable Included (Does NOT run on batteries)
  • Single Gage Data Collection Included

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In Tolerance

Caution - Almost out of Tolerance

Out of Tolerance

2" Travel Logic Illuminate

4" Travel Logic Illuminate

Package included with each Gage

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