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Multi Gage EMS4 Data Collection System

EMS4 readout / Data Collection System
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The Logic EMS4 allows for the simultaneous connection of up to 4 devices (Indicators, Calipers, Micrometers, Probes, etc.), and supports both Mitutoyo Digimatic and Quadrature devices on all four ports. Nearly any Digimatic gage (regardless of Manufacturer) is supported. 4 channels use 10 pin connectors.

Includes tablet loaded with CDI software, Mux Box with Cable and Power Adapter.

User Manualpdf Feature Sheetpdf Instructional Video

EMS4 with Probe

EMS 4 Measuring System

EMS4 Four Reading View

EMS4 with Probe

Data Cables

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Cable for Mux Box

 EDP #DescriptionPrice 
 G03-0089 Push button remote global data send from mux box with 2.5mm plug, 6 FT Cable
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Data Output Cables for VRS, CORE, ILLUMINATE, IQ, and ALG Series

 EDP #DescriptionPrice 
G13-0055pdf USB Cable, 12 FT Cable
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G13-0056 USB Cable with send button, 12 FT Cable
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G03-0019pdf MTI (Digitmatic) Cable, 6 FT Cable
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G13-0034pdf CDI Cable with pigtail ends, 6 FT Cable
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G03-0086pdf RS-232 Cable, 6 FT Cable
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