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For rapid direct reading measurements of hole depths and recesses. Bases are hardened and ground to ensure flatness. All bases are readily interchangeable with any other indicator model. 

mechanical indicator depth gage

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60312Jpdf FLAT BASE, JEWELED BEARINGS $176.60 Call to Order
60412Jpdf KNIFE EDGE BASE, JEWELED BEARINGS $200.65 Call to Order
CDI14pdf ENGRAVERS DEPTH GAGE $206.40 Call to Order



 Part #Range  Graduations Dial Reading Description
60312J .125" .0005" 100-0  This gage is designed for measuring the depth of slots, holes, recesses, etc. from 0" to 1" deep. The flat base is positioned on the work surface, allowing the spindle to enter the hole or recess to its full depth. Zeroing is set with a fully-retracted contact point set flush with the bottom of the base. The 2 ½" wide x ½" thick base is hardened and ground, and is securely fastened to the indicator stem.
60412J 1.0" .001" 0-25-0 Depths of slots, grooves, recesses, etc. can be quickly measured. With knife edge base, and needle point contact, depths of up to .125" can be accurately measured. The cut-out base center allows an unobstructed view of the point. Zero is set with the fully-retracted contact point positioned flush with the base edge. 
CDI14 .100" .0005" 0-40 Counterclockwise For Photo-Engravers - Printers - Lithographers
With a CDI Engravers Depth Gage, eliminate the trouble and expense of remaking electrotypes and halftone. Reliable Engravers Depth Gage makes certain that halftone plates and electrotypes are etched properly for correct printing results.

includes plastic case, extra point, wrench, and test block
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